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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Final thoughts about Gamescom 2012

Was it worth going too?

Yes it was worth travelling all the way to Germany for. I enjoyed getting to try out new games and get some free stuff. The press day is the one with the reveals so I wouldn't say I've learnt anything about a massive new game or anything.

Good guy Valve:

Valve came to Gamescom with a plain black stand that did not advertise their own games at all, they had a steam stand which gave away free games and only promoted some indie games available on steam.

Microsoft vs Sony:

Microsoft had no first party presence at Gamescom at all whereas Sony had a massive presence with both first party and third party games. The Sony section itself was pretty much all open so you were free to wander around it yourself (only the last of us section involved queuing up). I was even more surprised to find that nearly all the cross platform games that were playable on consoles were on PS3s as well. I was fully expecting that 99% of the games would be on the the 360. It seems Sony certainly took its chance to push itself as much as it could have at Gamescom this year.


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