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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Google Reader and why I like it

I really really do like Google Reader. I only started using it a few months ago but have known about it for a long time. I just never felt I had any use for RSS but I eventually decided to give it a go and I liked it.
Google Reader

I like how it is so easy to add new feeds to Google Reader. The web view is useful but I rarely use Google Reader for viewing news on a computer.
Its the apps is where I find Google Reader comes into its own. I can just flick through the headlines from sites quickly and easily using Google Reader and can then open up the full articles of just the ones I want to actually read. Its especially useful here in Ireland where I often only have 2G data and can't load webpages but I can load my RSS feeds and get tidbits of news until I get WiFi or 3G again.
I use the official Google Reader app because I really like the simple but pretty interface (also very nice 2 pane setup on tablets) and I personally have never thought of a feature I wanted that Google Reader does not have.
The other little feature it has is quite cool too (although not something I use an awful lot), You can add a topic to Google Reader and pick a site like eBay and it will give you an RSS feed of all the new items that match that as they appear on eBay.
gReader is the most popular RSS reader for Android I believe if you don't like/want to use the official app.


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