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Friday, 10 August 2012

Google Tasks

I started using Google tasks yesterday and I am genuinely surprised how good it is. I find it really helpful with remembering things I am supposed/want to do.
It becomes even more useful after you add the Chrome app from Google. It adds a tasks icon to the right of the omnibox and when clicked opens a little tasks overlay where you can add or delete tasks and tick tasks as done.
My favorite feature though is adding tasks though the omnibox. Typing "t" and then a space lets you add a task directly to your tasks.
I also purchased an Android app that syncs with Google tasks and has a very nice holo interface and a nice selection of widgets for viewing and ticking tasks as you do them on the go. The app I chose is Tasks by Team tasks.
I can't really say if using tasks has made me more productive or not but it certainly means I don't forget to do things as much.


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