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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

AirDroid is a useful utility to have

What is Airdroid?

AirDroid is an app which allows you to control certain aspects of your phone from your favourite web browser.

How to connect?

  • Both devices on same WiFi network
  • Tethering
This sounds like another one of those cool apps that need root:

Nope AirDroid is completely free and doesn't require root.


  • Send and receive SMS on your computer.
  • File transfers.
  • Install app from your computer by transferring apk.
  • Live screenview (root required).
  • Play music and video files.

How good is it?

AirDroid does a very good job at what its supposed to do. You can very quickly access the files on your device for viewing or playback, quickly change your ringtone, send and receive a few texts and do some data backup.

All this is done by logging into AirDroid on your favorite web browser (in my case Google Chrome) via or the IP address that appears on your device. If you are using the web address than you must log in using the QR code (scan option included) or the generated password whereas the IP address option allows you to set a predefined password of your choice from inside the settings of AirDroid but obviously you might not always have access to the IP option.

The web interface is very well designed and gives off a very Ubuntu/Mac esque vibe which is not a bad thing as it looks pretty good. It gives you little widget style calenders and phone info in the top right hand corner depending on which "desktop" you choose and the bottom right gives you battery, signal, WiFi strength info so all and all the web interface gives you a good amount of information.

The "desktops" also come with a selection of tools on them like a file explorer, ringtone explorer, messaging and apps for the other functions like screenview.

Overall I like the UI and features of AirDroid, its a useful app to have installed even if you only use it once in a while.


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