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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Apex launcher versus Nova launcher (Android launchers)

Free Versions:

  • Apex launcher offers a wider array of features in the free version including gestures.
  • Nova launcher offers less overall features in the free version but does include theme and icon set support.
Paid Versions:

  • Apex provides more paid features as well including theme support.
  • Nova provides less overall features again but includes gesture support and app drawer grouping.
  • If you like one of the launchers you should buy the full version to support the developers if at all possible :)

  • Apex provides a much faster experience with less launcher redraws and also gives the option to keep it in memory to further reduce redraws.
  • Nova seems heavier to me and gave poor performance in general. It sometimes took 15 seconds to load app drawer.

  • I have not yet noticed any bugs in Apex.
  • I have found one bug in Nova launcher that sometimes the labels on the main home screen disappear and don't return until you restart Nova.
Bonus feature - unread count badge:

  • Apex has the unread count badge feature built in but doesn't give any options to style the badge.
  • Nova requires another app made by the same developers to add the badges but gives several different styles to choose from.

I have tried both launchers and in the end I prefer Apex as it has more features and at least on my Nexus S better performance than Nova launcher. At the end of the day though its mainly a personal preference since both launchers offer a very similar set of features.



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