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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Boid Beta vs Tweet lanes (Android Twitter apps)

The official Twitter app on Android is pretty meh so it does no harm to shop around for a better way to get your twitter fix on the go! I am going to compare two free Twitter clients that come with holo themes and good ideas.

The Interface:

  • Boid features a lovely holo interface (dark and light themes) with a nav bar on the top for your feed, mentions, messages and trending.
  • Tweet lanes also features a light and dark holo theme and features a nav bar but has no trending option.
Writing a tweet:
  • Boid uses a more traditional way of writing a tweet with a new tweet button on the left of the bottom nav bar bringing up a new tweet screen.
  • Tweet lanes has a different idea for how to write a tweet. Tweet lanes has an ever present content box at the bottom of the screen ready for you to type your tweet into and hit send.
  • When you open a tweet in Boid there is a slight glow on the left of the screen if it is part of a conversation and when swiped the screen "pulls" the conversation over for you to read.
  • Conversations in tweet lanes are handled in feed as the original tweet is expanded to show the other tweets in the conversation.
Bonus features:
  • Boid allows for the auto completion of people's twitter names as you create a tweet.
  • A beta feature that has just been added to Boid is contact syncing to your phone's contacts.

  • Tweet Lanes can use your volume rocker to scroll up and down your feed.
  • You can also select multiple tweets for replying in Tweet Lanes.

Tweet lanes has some good features and a nice interface but I personally prefer the interface of Boid and its navigation options.
Tweet Lanes is probably better for heavy Twitter users but since I only use Twitter lightly Boid suits me perfectly.


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