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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bytes of Blah #1

What is Bytes of Blah?

Just a collection of short little bits of news that I found interesting but there isn't a huge amount to discuss about them. I will include source links for the articles and such too.

Liquid proofing devices?

This is a great idea if it does work. The basic idea from Liquipel is that they can coat your device in some kind of waterproofing agent which will then protect your device.
I'm not sure I would ever trust it though and would end up being just as careful as I already am which would defeat the purpose of it in a way and also there must be some kind of screen quality/vividness loss due to another coating?

Source: Engadget

Counterstrike: Global Offensive platform Face-Off:

Digital Foundry always do interesting technical comparisons of games on different platforms and how each platform's version looks and performs. It is interesting to see how the two consoles both have different pros and cons visually while the 360 version out performs the PS3 (the norm for multi-platform games).

Source: Eurogamer

Google patents "smart glove":

Google has now patented a "smart glove" which is basically a glove full of sensors. Google's smart glove combined with Google's project glass would really be like living in a scifi movie


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