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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bytes of Blah #11

What is Bytes of Blah?

Just a collection of short little bits of news that I found interesting but there isn't a huge amount to discuss about them. I will include source links for the articles and such too.

Gamer search trends:

An interesting article from Google that shows trends about how gamers search for a game in the run up to release, release month and after release. It turns out release month has a 540% increase in searches.

Source: Think with Google

Google Play sale for the 25 billion app downloads:

Google Play is having a sale on apps, movies, books and music. The sale items will be 0.25c which is a great price if some of the apps are good. I'm not too interested in the others since Ireland has no access to them on Google Play so unless part of the surprise is the Irish roll out of Google Play movies, books and music then apps will have to do.

Modern Combat 4 trailer:

If some of this trailer is actual gameplay footage than mobile gaming has really reached the same graphical quality as consoles.

Source: YouTube

OUYA progress report:

It looks like the OUYA is really going to happen as things are starting to be finalized for production. The OUYA could be great and change the face of console gaming or it might not.. It might be good as a media player anyway since it is "hack friendly" and will surely have some custom ROMS like Cyanogenmod for it.

Google Maps street view goes underwater:

You can now look at the Great Barrier Reef in street view!


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