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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bytes of Blah #2

What is Bytes of Blah?

Just a collection of short little bits of news that I found interesting but there isn't a huge amount to discuss about them. I will include source links for the articles and such too.
Sony working to get dawnguard on PS3:

I wasn't overly surprised when I heard that getting dawnguard to work on PS3 was unlikely but I was shocked that Bethesda actually came out and said it publically. It is hardly shocking that a third party developer is struggling with the PS3. I'm not sure why but it seems like only first party developers really know how to get the best out of the PS3.
I like Bethesda's honesty about this.

Source: Gamespot

Assassin's Creed III Connor tomahawk:

Foam or not this is just cool.

Source: J!NX

720p video recording on the Nexus 7:

While its great that people find out how to make these things happen, I'm not sure about the practicality of 720p video recordings on a front facing camera.

Source: XDA Developers

Steam big picture mode:

Valve is launching the public beta of Steam's big picture mode today which is the Steam UI redesigned for being used on TVs either with controller or keyboard and mouse.
It is a good idea with Steam increasing its user base due to people jumping ship into PC gaming as they are sick of still being on old consoles.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks with PC gaming is the desk. Steam's big picture mode will allow console players to adapt and keep the couch and controller for a while at least.
I really like the look of Valve's "daisywheel" for typing with a controller.

Source: YouTube

Amazon allowing in app purchases of real physical items:

This is quite an interesting idea that amazon has come up with. They are allowing app developers to use in-app purchases for physical items that will then be shipped to you.

Source: Android Police

Cyanogenmod M-Series releases:

Cyanogenmod has started a new series of releases for some devices called the M series. It is a half way point between stable releases and nightlies as an M release is only put out once at the start of every month and is designed to be a little extra stable.
I think I might swap my Nexus S to CM10 M1 because it would save having to download regular nightlies on my crappy Irish internet.

Source: Cyanogenmod


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