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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bytes of Blah #9

What is Bytes of Blah?

Just a collection of short little bits of news that I found interesting but there isn't a huge amount to discuss about them. I will include source links for the articles and such too.

Padfone 2 specs leaked?

The Padfone is an interesting idea and an extension of Asus's transformer family but I'm not sure its a concept quite ready to take off yet. I wonder if the 13mp camera is just throwing megapixels at it hoping it takes good pics?

Source: Engadget

Razer Game Booster:

A free piece of software from Razer has entered closed beta. It acts as a hub that can be used for launching your games but when you launch them it also closes all non essential things running in the background to try and improve your game experience.
It also comes with a calibrate mode to help tweak your PC to get "optimal" performance and a screenshot/video recording tool to save your best gaming moments. It could be good and is probably worth a try anyway.

Source: YouTube

Borderlands 2 face-off 360 vs PS3:

The digital foundry face-offs on Eurogamer are usually interesting and often give the same results. The PS3 is better at some things and the 360 is better at others and Borderlands 2 is no different.

Source: Eurogamer

No MoH: Warfighter beta for PS3:

The beta is a 360 exclusive which I'm guessing might be EA hoping that a free beta might help break CoD's stranglehold on the 360 FPS market.

Source: Eurogamer

Valve's full size portal turret:

This is just awesome.

Source: YouTube


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