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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Motorola's live event

I watched some of the Motorola live event today on YouTube as I was not doing anything and it was refreshing for an American company to do one of these things at a time Europeans can easily watch too.

Motorola announced three new devices at the event (people in the chat were annoyed it was not a Nexus device but Google themselves will be announcing those). They seem like nice devices but I'll never know really since they are only for Verizon and I'm Irish (also I'm a Nexus man).

Droid RAZR HD:

The new RAZRs were being sold on the idea that they are smartphones only as wide as necessary (very little bezel either side of screen basically).
The RAZR HD has a 4.7inch 720p screen and a 1.5GHz dual core S4 CPU. The phone has a very big 2500mAh to help deal with your LTE usage. I have no experience of LTE/4G but 3G is pretty hungry so a massive battery can only be a good thing.


The RAZR HD has a 4.7inch 720p super AMOLED screen and the same 1.5GHz dual core S4 CPU as the RAZR HD. The phone has a ginormous 3300mAh battery which would surely be good enough for at least a day of heavy use... right?

Droid RAZR M:

The budget new member of the RAZR family (Verizon lady said it was $99) has the same CPU as the other new RAZRs but has a more manageable 4.3inch 960x540 screen.

The skin:

The one thing I can't stop looking at in the pictures is the huge vertical height of the hotseat/dock on the homescreens. If i was a prospective owner of one of these phones I would be making sure there is an option to fix it as it all looks out of proportion to me (the hotseat icons include the names underneath which I assume is why its bigger than normal).

The promise of Jelly Bean:

Motorola said "most" of its 2011 phones will be updated but here is the interesting part, people that own 2011 Motorolas that don't get updated to Jelly Bean will get $100 towards a phone upgrade instead. This might be a sign of Google's influence.


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