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Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Android essentials #1


Apex is my custom launcher of choice and you can read more about why here.

Apex Launcher Pro for Android on AppBrain

HD Widgets offers a great amount of choice in both the widget and customization options available to make your homescreen yours.


Chrome is a great browser functionality wise and is an essential for anyone who uses Chrome on their computer due to the tab and history syncing abilities.

Chrome for Android on AppBrain

Mozilla is a great company and Firefox on Android has improved lately. Its always useful to have a good backup browser.

Firefox for Android on AppBrain

Opera Mini is a great browser for slow connections or to limit your data usage. If you want to know more than you can read this.


Reddit is a great place if you like funny pictures of cats and Reddit Sync is a beautifully designed holo Reddit client and by far my favourite Reddit app.

reddit sync pro for Android on AppBrain

I don't often watch videos on my phone but If I do then they are pretty much always on YouTube and I find the app quite nice anyway.

YouTube for Android on AppBrain

RSS is a great thing to look at all the news from your favourite sources in one place, I already talked about Google Reader before and if you want to read it then here you go.

Google Reader for Android on AppBrain

Pocket is a great app for reading/listening to an article without all the clutter of a website. I really do like this app and use it for storing articles and read them when I'm free. If you want to know more then you can read this.

Pocket -formerly Read It Later for Android on AppBrain

Social Networks:

If you are going to use Facebook on your phone then I recommend Tinfoil since it actually isn't crap. It is just a wrapper for the mobile Facebook site and loads much faster than the official app.

Tinfoil for Facebook for Android on AppBrain

I like Boid for my Twittering and you can find out why here.

Boid for Twitter (Beta) for Android on AppBrain

I personally like Google+. I don't think there are any third party Google+ apps but I don't know why you would bother since there is very little wrong with the official app.


Airdroid is a useful app to have for SMSing for your computer or quickly installing,backing up and removing apps. You can find out more about Airdroid here.

AirDroid for Android on AppBrain

I like Google tasks and use it to keep track of what I do and remind me to do things. I find tasks to be the best tasks app for Android and you can find out more about why I like tasks here.

Tasks for Android on AppBrain

It is always useful to have a flashlight app just in case and TeslaLED is great as it gives you lots of options and a decent selection of widgets for your flashlight needs.

TeslaLED Flashlight for Android on AppBrain

Google Googles is useful for scanning QR codes but also cool to use it to find out information on something like wine by scanning it. It can also do translations now.

Google Goggles for Android on AppBrain

Barcode readers can be useful for checking prices of things and Scan has a lovely UI.

Scan for Android on AppBrain

doubletwist's alarm clock is an alarm app that has a nice interface and just enough options to be feature rich but not enough to make it complicated.

doubleTwist Alarm Clock for Android on AppBrain

Free Cloud storage is always good and the Dropbox app is still the best for uploading and sharing on the go.

Dropbox for Android on AppBrain

Drive is a useful app on two fronts. It is Cloud storage (5GB free) but also includes Google docs to edit documents.


Paper camera is just a fun camera app that apps comic or sketchy (and various other kinds) of effects to your photos.

Paper Camera for Android on AppBrain

Picsay is just great fun. It is not a serious photo editor but it is simple to use and allows you to add a lot of clipart style stickers to your photos. You can even add captions or effects.

PicSay Pro - Photo Editor for Android on AppBrain

If you ever need to draw something on your phone then Autodesk's Sketchbook is a great way to do it. It is not hard to use but you can do high quality drawings with it.


It might be a bit cliche but Angry Birds is fun and free.

Angry Birds for Android on AppBrain

Bad Piggies is a good test of your ability to build wacky contraptions to get the piggies across the maps.

Bad Piggies for Android on AppBrain

Skullpogo is a fun game where you move your phone to make your character on his pogo stick hop to the left or right and squash creatures on the way.

Skullpogo for Android on AppBrain

I was never a big fan of the flick sports games but the kick to touch mode in flick rugby is very addictive.

Flick Nations Rugby for Android on AppBrain

This is one of the most addictive mobile games I have ever played. It breaks a football season into bite size chunks meaning you can get a game done in 2 minutes or play for hours.


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