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Friday, 21 September 2012

Opera mini is very very useful for me.

I had used Opera Mini years ago on my old Nokia N73 but I never found it all that good (also odd "smartphone" since it had 3G but no WiFi) but I never found it all that useful. The Nokia N73 was a slow and bad browsing experience regardless of browser or connection but it was probably pretty decent for its time. I never really thought about giving it a go on Android but I decided I would see if it makes any difference and it certainly does!

What is Opera Mini?

Opera Mini is a browser designed to be light and fast. It also lowers data usage since the webpage first runs through Opera's servers and then they send you a compressed version of the webpage for your viewing pleasure.

Why I find Opera Mini useful?

I'm not really concerned about the data usage element as I have a decent data plan that I never go over anyway but most of the time I only have 2G data because Ireland has fairly poor 3G coverage and Opera Mini actually allows me to browse the web on a 2G connection. No other mobile browser I've tried has ever made browsing on 2G an anywhere near pleasant experience but Opera Mini does since the loading times are very bearable.

Does it still manage to look good?

Webpages do still look OK after the compression process and are perfectly acceptable so if you are on a limited data plan or have a poor connection then you should definitely give Opera Mini a try and see if it helps.



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