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Saturday, 8 September 2012

The new Nexus

This is just my thoughts on what will happen with the new Nexus this year. I'm guessing we will know more soon as I would agree with the common theory that the announcement will come on the five year anniversary of Android.
I am inclined to agree with the idea that there will be five Nexus devices floating around this year (another nod to the five year anniversary). I don't think all five will be new releases though so here are my thoughts on the new Nexus (perhaps Nexii?)

Galaxy Nexus:

I think that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be kept going but will get a decent price cut to make it the "budget" Nexus device for the next year.

Nexus 7:

The Asus Nexus 7 will have a big part to play in Google's hopes to improve Android's tablet ecosystem and won't be going anywhere anytime soon. You can find my review of the Nexus 7 here.

Motorola Nexus (RAZR Nexus maybe?):

Google owns Motorola so I cannot really see a reason why Google would not produce a Nexus from within the company where they control every aspect of its design,hardware and software.

HTC Nexus (Nexus X maybe?):

The HTC One series is proving to be quite popular and HTC already has a track record of producing Google's line of phones so why not give them another chance?

Sony Nexus (Xperia Nexus maybe?):

At the moment the idea of a Sony Nexus seems the most likely to happen. Sony have nicely designed phones but I have never owned a Sony smartphone so can't comment on build quality of their devices.
The idea of a Sony Nexus got even more traction when Google added the Xperia S to AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and Sony showed a willingness to get involved by releasing the binary files for the Xperia S.

What if they only announce one device?

The Sony Nexus looks like a good bet at the moment but Google owning Motorola makes that seem like a certainty too.
It would be great if Google announced five Nexii though as people do have favored OEMs and may want a Sony not a Samsung or vice versa. The variety between the devices may attract more people to the Nexus line as the devices would surely have varying hardware. The HTC Nexus might have a Snapdragon and the Sony might have a Tegra 3 which could sway pricing and people who want a high performance device.


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