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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What I think Google's "recent" purchases are for?

Nik Software (Snapseed):

I can see a few things that may come out of Google's purchase of the makers of iOS app Snapseed. First of all maybe a Snapseed Android app?
I feel the combination of Snapseed and Nik software's set of photo editing related plugins will some how make their way into Picasa, Google+ photo editing and Google Drive. Google+ already has a very good editing setup based on Google's purchase of web photo editing service picnik but there is always room for improvement in any service.
It may also bring an improved built in photo editor in future Android releases like Key Lime Pie.

Virus Total:

I was quite surprised when I heard Google had bought an anti virus company but it can never hurt to own one, It does make sense for Google to own one though.
Chrome has had some vulnerabilities found recently so I would be surprised if virus total was not used in some way to improve Chrome's security.
I feel a major part of Virus Total joining the Google family may be to become part of "Bouncer". Google really do not want malware on the play store and I'm pretty sure Virus Total could definitely help improve Bouncer's detection abilities.
Virus Total may also work on improving the work Google has done in making Android more secure with added security in Jelly Bean.

Quick Office:

I am sure the main point of purchasing Quick Office was to use the Quick Office team to improve Google Drive document editing on all platforms and not just Android.
The Quick Office team may also end up building more "complete" office suite that will come built into Android and Chrome OS.


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