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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Why I like Pocket

I had heard lots about the two main apps that are used for saving articles for reading at a later point but I never paid a whole lot of attention to them. I felt like it was something that I wouldn't really use and since I mistakenly thought both were paid apps (I do buy apps if I like them and know I'll use them) I just had a "meh" attitude towards the idea.
A few days ago though I saw that Pocket was free and decided since its free I would give it a shot and I might end up liking the idea, turns out I really like the idea! I was lucky enough to download the app a day before a massive update that added a listen mode using Android's built in Text To Speech system.

The General idea:

Pocket is an app that saves webpages for viewing later when you have no connection or just at a later point when you are ready to read it.
It also only saves the videos, pictures and text. It does not save all the banners and elements of the webpage so it leaves a very clean article that is very easy to read.

How it works?

Pocket takes advantage of Android's built in share menu so when you find an article you want to save for later you just "share" it to Pocket and it provides toasts to tell you that it is saving and has saved the article to Pocket. You can even share through Google Reader which I find is my favorite way of using Pocket so far. I share from Google Reader to Pocket and then read or listen to the article later.

Expands into Chrome:

Pocket has both a Chrome app and extension and you at least need the extension if you want to add to your Pocket experience (the app is just a shortcut to the Pocket website). The extension adds a little Pocket logo beside your omnibox and adds the page you are currently viewing to Pocket for you to read later on the app or on the Pocket website.

How I will use Pocket the most?

I think the main way that I will use Pocket is saving articles before I go somewhere. I will pick out the articles from Google Reader that I want to read and then save them in Pocket so I can read or listen to them as I travel.



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