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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Apps I got in the 0.25c sale that have impressed me so far

I bought a few apps in the 0.25c promotion as it was my first real sale I got a chance to look at since I got my first Android device. Here are some reviews of the apps that impressed me the most so far.
Doubletwist's Alarm Clock:

I have always used my phone as my alarm but I never felt I needed anything more than the stock alarm clock app on whatever phone I had at the time. I had heard great things about doubletwist's alarm clock but I didn't really think any clock could be worth €1.99. I bought it because I felt at 0.25c it probably has to be worth it.
It is a great alarm clock. It has a good set of features but not enough that it gets complicated (its only an alarm clock after all). You can customize how slowly the volume builds up (I chose 20 seconds), the snooze time and if the alarm is recurring or not. On top of this the whole app has a lovely UI.

PicSay is a fun photo editor and probably my favourite app from all the apps I bought during the sale. It is very simple to use which makes it even more fun it some ways. It is by no means a serious photo editor. It is really just for adding funny effects, clip-arts and captions to photos but that doesn't stop it being great fun!

PicSay Pro - Photo Editor for Android on AppBrain

Flick Nations Rugby:

I'm not usually a fan of these type of flick sports games but I really love the kick to touch mode in Flick Nations Rugby.

Flick Nations Rugby for Android on AppBrain

Paper Camera:

Paper camera is not a serious camera app but it is a great one. There is a good selection of filters to choose from and all of them are nice. The Interface of the app is so well designed too.


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