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Friday, 26 October 2012

My journey back to stock Android from CM10

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I decided to go back to stock Android a few days ago as I felt that performance just wasn't that great as SystemUI in particular had a tendency to force close once or twice a day and in general things were getting slower on my Nexus S.

There were some things that were in CM10 that I was going to miss when I decided I was going to go back to stock so this is just how I replaced those features on stock so I did not lost any of the functionality that I had gained while using CM10.

Notification Toggles:

Notification toggles are rumoured to be in Android 4.2 but for now they are now on Stock Android and they were something I used a lot on CM10 but they are also probably the easiest feature to get on stock. I like the functionality and look of Power Toggles so I now have notification toggles that look quite nice and have all the same functionality (except GPS is a shortcut to settings instead of direct toggle).

Power Toggles basically places a widget in your notifications which you can customize colours and which toggles you would like to have. If you allow it to have a notification icon permanently displayed if will always stay at the top of your notifications just like any notification toggles would be. In the settings you can also set it to vibrate on toggle and close notifications while means it acts exactly the same as I had the CM10 toggles set to act.

Back light Notifications:

I got used to having back light notifications which made it much easier to see I had something to look at since the Nexus S has no notification LED. This was probably the feature I would have missed the most when going back to stock but luckily I found simplekernel on XDA which is basically stock kernel but has back light notifications built in. I use NSTools to control the back light notifications.

Source: XDA Developers

NSTools for Android on AppBrain

Performance on Stock:

Performance is much better on Stock now than it was after the OTA for Jelly Bean so I guess a "clean" install is better for the Nexus S at this point.

Would I go back to CM10 or try other ROMS?

Yeah I would definitely still try out ROMs. I have been considering trying out AOKP just to see how it is. The biggest issue with CM10 is the nightlies due to my poor internet although cyandelta may possibly help with that.
I know I could always change go to the M releases of CM10 but I found M1 to be very unstable and since they still aren't fully stable then you might as well get all the new features added as quickly as possible by staying on the nightlies.


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