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Monday, 10 December 2012

Snapseed for Android.


Snapseed has now been released for Android following Google's purchase of its creator (Nik software). The app is free (which is always nice) and features Google+ integration but don't worry you can always just share your finished product too some other app instead.

The Interface/workflow:

The interface on Snapseed is very good in my opinion as it manages to make everything very simple but at the same time offers quite a lot of photo tweaking options (more than enough to please someone like me who just wants to take a pretty picture once in a blue moon.)

The idea behind the interface in Snapseed is not anything revolutionary but the execution is just great. The picture appears in the centre as you would expect and is sandwiched between a small action bar on the top (A save image button, Google+ button and a take/choose photo button) and the scrolling bar of effects you can do on the bottom.

The real part of the workflow of editing a photo in Snapseed that I love is the actual editing selection method.   After you select the effect you can then swipe left and right to add or subtract to that particular effect but a swipe up or down lets you jump to a different option to adjust.

At any point on the "home" screen of Snapseed a simple pressing of your finger against the picture reverts the picture to its original state until you remove your finger to allow for quick comparison between the original and the edited version of the picture.

Final thoughts:

I quite like Snapseed and it has made me uninstall Pixlr express as I feel Snapseed is all I need for my simple photo "editing" needs.


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