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Monday, 25 February 2013

Hashnote app review


I found this app on Google+ and thought it sounded like a cool idea so here are my thoughts on Hashnote!

The concept:

The idea of Hashnote is quite simple. It is a simple note or task taking app based around the use of @user and #hashtags to sort through the notes you have taken.

The UI/UX:

Hashnote adheres to the Holo guidelines for Android apps but is colourful and joy to use.

The landing screen of Hashnote just shows a straight up view of all the Hashnotes that you currently have created but the addition of colours makes it a little more interesting to look at.
A simple plus button in the top right corner brings you to the create a  Hashnote screen while the icon in the top left exposes the #hashtag and @user sorting choices.

A press of the icon in the top left or a swipe to the right on the landing screen pulls in the sorting options of Hashnote. You can sort by a particular hashtag or by the notes that have mentioned a specific person.

The screen for creating a Hashnote is kept simple but effective. The app includes buttons to put # and @ symbols in quickly without having to fumble for them on your own soft keyboard which I think is a nice touch.
The top right hand corner has a button to create or delete the Hashnote.


  • #hashtag and @user sorting
  • Dashclock extension

Final thoughts:

The app is simple but effective for taking quick notes or keeping a record of tasks and will be even better when a sync feature is implemented!


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